Be sustainable! Be free! Choose the e-bike more often when you are on the move!

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Be sustainable! Be free! Choose the e-bike more often when you are on the move!

It is no secret that everyday car use has a negative impact on the environment. More and more people are realising this. The desire to live healthier and be more independent drives us to seek alternative means of transport, not only for commuting to work. Find out what advantages a bicycle has over a car for commuting in the city.

Why is cycling in the city better for the environment?

Cars are a growing challenge for European cities struggling with pollution problems. Emissions produced by cars mean that air quality in cities is often less than optimal. Passenger cars are the biggest problem: according to the data, they are responsible for about two-thirds of all CO2 emissions from urban traffic in Europe. If the average citizen chooses cycling over driving just once a day, transport-related carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 67%, according to research led by Oxford University road transport professor Christian Brand.

One way to reduce it is through the introduction of low emission zones in some cities – with a ban on driving engine vehicles that do not meet the relevant standards. You also see electric and hybrid cars more and more often – but at the moment they don’t seem to be the solution to the problem. There are too few of them to quickly reduce pollution. For this reason, it is worth finding other means of transport for the city.

How can you make your city trips more eco-friendly?

Each of us has an impact on the quality of the air we breathe. When it comes to public transport, you can take a conscious decision to choose healthier options by reducing or even eliminating driving. There are many healthier alternatives, such as: walking, cycling or scooting, using public transport, choosing Park+Ride car parks, or finally riding an e-bike

Especially the electric city bikes deserve attention as a very environment-friendly means of transport. They are intended for all those who, on one hand, pay attention to time (with the e-bike you can get from one place to another relatively quickly) and, on the other hand, want to be completely independent of the car and public transport. It is assumed that using a bicycle is much more eco-friendly than using a car, which produces more than 270 grams of CO₂ per km driven. On a monthly and especially on an annual basis, the reduction in CO₂ emissions is therefore significant!

Electric bike in the city – getting through traffic faster

City bikes are definitely a more environment-friendly solution for getting around town, and electric bikes offer additional comfort and independence. Apart from the negative impact on the environment, drivers have to deal with many other inconveniences such as daily traffic jams, lack of parking spaces, high fuel prices and so on. In fact, daily driving is often associated with a loss of valuable time, nerves and high costs of vehicle usage.

In this respect, all the advantages of electric city bikes become clear. First of all, they are relatively fast. Did you know that in 2021 in Europe, an average person lost 100 hours due to traffic jams? So if you ride a bike, you can reduce the number of hours you spend in traffic jams. With an e-bike, you can often cover long distances faster than with a car, without getting tired. You also don’t have to worry about finding a parking space, as bike racks are a common part of the cityscape and don’t take up as much space as traditional parking spaces.
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E-bike means independence

With an electric bike, you are independent when it comes to getting around town. With BZEN bikes, you can set off when you want and arrive on time without having to worry about the obstacles that drivers face in city traffic. Many problems that used to cost you a lot of time – like finding a parking space – disappear from your life. Getting around town has never been as convenient and independent as with BZEN e-bikes!

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Riding an e-bike – better for your health

Choosing an electric city bike is a real contribution to reducing the pollution that many cities in Europe face. Remember that although an e-bike has a motor support to help you ride, it is still a bicycle. It requires you to use the pedals and balance your body so that your muscles remain active. You won’t experience a similar activity when driving a car. Commuting by bike also means being outdoors instead of sitting in a car or on a crowded bus.

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Sustainability means being eco-friendly and economical

A sustainable lifestyle doesn’t just mean that you care about the environment – it also means real savings for you. Using BZEN e-bikes for your commute to work or your daily commute around town saves you much more money than using a car.

It is enough to compare the cost of charging the e-bike battery with the cost of fuelling a car or even with the price of public transport tickets. If you assume that you have to pay a few dozen euros for a tank of fuel, the cost of using a car in the city is quite high. Even season tickets for public transport cost a few dozen euros. So the cost of charging a battery that allows you to travel more than 100 kilometres is not calculated in euros, but in euro cents! Riding an e-bike through the city simply pays off.

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