About us

We are a team of friends, engineers in search of new solutions to freely commute in our cities. Go to work, go to the bar, go shopping, all without constraint, without traffic jams, or sweat… and fast!

A new way to enjoy our cities

At BZEN, we design smart superlight electric city bikes for safe, clean and comfortable commuting.


minimalistic aesthetic and precise engineering

The powerful electric support with up to 25 km/h performance allows sweat-free, safe commuting while enjoying the freedom of biking. The Carbon Drive belt offers a quiet, lightweight and clean grease-free alternative to the traditional chain.

BZEN handcrafted bicycles

are designed and Manufactured in Europe

BZEN is one of the few bicycle brands to manufacture its bicycles in its own workshop located in Europe. We control quality from design to delivery. This guarantees the quality of the bike, with each component designed to provide the ultimate experience for the cyclist.

BZEN europe

Thanks to its light weight,

the bike can take you anywhere, making it easy to ride, whether on a hill, around town or on your usual bike path.

woman with a BZEN bike
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