BZEN – E-bike for your individual needs. Check which e-bike model suits you best

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BZEN – E-bike for your individual needs. Check which e-bike model suits you best

BZEN e-bikes have been designed to provide a comfortable way to get around the city. Responding to the different needs of users, 4 bike models have been developed so that everyone can find the best one for them. Which one do you choose?

The Amsterdam model – an embodiment of what distinguishes BZEN bikes.

Amsterdam is the world capital of cycling and we decided to name our flagship model after this city. The Netherlands is associated with city bikes – with their beautiful design, classic style and elegance. And that’s exactly what our Amsterdam is. Its design and construction are inspired not only by the traditional style of Dutch bicycles, but also by their legendary comfort. It rides supremely well and comfortable – an upright riding position, large handlebar grips, and a frame shape that makes it easy to get on and off are its key features. This model is a real Zen bike.

It is perfect for daily trips in the city: to work, shopping or to the office, to pick up the child from kindergarten or to go to an evening outing. The important thing is that it is very light – it weighs only 16 kilograms, which often makes this lightweight electric bike the first choice for women (but of course also for many men).
Check the offer: Amsterdam e-bike model

E-bike Brussels – casual electric city bike

Another electric bike for women in our offer is the Brussels model. It differs from the Amsterdam in frame geometry and handlebar shape, which implies a slightly leaning riding position. At the same time, the shape of the frame is similar to traditional mountain bike for women; the top tube of the frame goes down slightly, so you can easily and quickly get on, even if you’re wearing a skirt, for example. It has a bit more of a sporty character, so it can be used not only in the city, but also in the woods or on a trip to the city outskirts. The shape of the handlebar protects against excessive pressure on the wrists and back pain.

Just like the Amsterdam model, the Brussels bike is also very light, weighing only 16.5 kg, so you can not only ride it, but also carry groceries, luggage or children in a child seat. Remember that BZEN bikes are equipped with a battery management system that allows you to make the most of the battery and ride as many kilometers as possible with the lowest possible battery usage.

Check the offer: Brussels e-bike model

E-Bike London – for women and men who appreciate classic design

The electric bike for men in our offer is the London model – although due to its appearance as a classic, traditional bike, it is also popular among women who enjoy city riding.

BZEN London is a combination of modern e-bike technology, classic design and comfort – this model offers a comfortable, upright riding position. It is easy to carry up and transport, as it weighs only 16 kilograms, like the other models.

If you love classic bike design and style, but also appreciate the modernity and comfort of electric bikes, then the London model is for you.
Check the offer: London e-bike model

Milano – the lightest BZEN E-Bike

The Milano electric bike is a model like no other: It’s fast, agile and designed to get you to your destination quickly. It is our most sporty electric bike model: it has a carbon fork, straighter and shorter aluminum handlebar and a frame geometry that imposes a forward leaning position. It responds immediately to even the smallest movement and allows you to get from A to B very quickly. The fact that it’s our lightest electric bike – it weighs just 14.5 kilograms – also helps enormously. Not only is this bike easy and effortless to ride, it’s also quick to move – for example, if you’re going off the bike path for a while and taking a shortcut between buildings or climbing stairs.

This model will appeal especially to people who are dynamic and for whom a smooth ride, speed and time are the most important criteria. The five-level riding assistance ensures that the bike adapts to your riding style and needs. If you pedal harder to get to your destination faster, the ride assist gives you more power accordingly. If you want to relax or maintain your speed, you simply press lightly on the pedals and the electric assistance adapts the same way.
Check the offer: Milano e-bike model


City life doesn’t always offer an opportunity to relax – but with a bike that makes this possible, “urban zen” is within reach. How did we design such a bike?

It is easy to use and sustainable

From the start, we’ve embraced the “Build To Last” principle – meaning that BZEN e-bikes have a simple, unbreakable design, always work, and are easy to adjust. Just get on and ride! No assembling, self-repairing and constantly tightening bolts or getting dirty with lubricant – the bike comes to you ready to ride. And if necessary, you can go to any bike store and have the bike repaired there.

“Build To Last” can also be taken literally: BZEN e-bikes are made in Europe – they are designed and manufactured in our facility in Europe, which ensures their durability and the high quality of materials and components.

It is light and comfortable

What distinguishes our bikes from other electric bikes is undoubtedly their lightness. We want them to be light and effortless to ride, easy and quick to carry up the stairs when needed. That’s why we designed our electric bikes to weigh about 16 kilograms – considering that an average electric bike weighs about 25-30 kg, this will be a great convenience for you.

It is beautiful

We also focus on the appearance of the bike. We make electric bikes, which look like traditional city bikes. That’s because the battery and controller are integrated into the frame and invisible at the first sight. You can focus on how nice and stylish they look – especially since we’re opting for classic designs that will always make you look great on BZEN bike.

Want to find out if BZEN is for you? Make an appointment for a test ride and try it out on your daily route.

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