Well-balanced Amsterdam, impetuous Milano or versatile Brussels? Which one is perfect for you?

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At BZEN, we believe in tradition, combined with new technologies. That is why if you look at our bikes, you will notice that these models are the most popular types of bicycles of all times, it’s classics. We refreshed and rejuvenated them with the latest bike technology and sophisticated electronics. It’s built to last as these forms of frames have proven their stability for years.

Our motto is being brilliant at basics. We don’t aim to invent a new form of the wheel; our goal is to do at perfection simple things that we knew how to do in the past but execute them with modern technologies. We are all about tradition and high quality.

BZEN is a city bike, and each of our three models has the name of the city. You would think it’s just marketing, but every bike has its unique components that respond to the peculiarities of the city it’s named for.

The Amsterdam model is designed to fit Amsterdam city, and it’s not a coincidence.

This city is flat, has relatively short distances and narrow streets. If you look at the bike, the whole design, the high handgrips, the vintage saddle, the curved handlebar – everything is done to aim for the narrow direction. People can hit you by the side, and you won’t lose your balance, you will stay safe. On Amsterdam you sit straight, you have an upright-seated position. You don’t have much power to push your pedals, but you have the balance and an easy step-down. With less than 14 kg, this bike is light and comfortable to carry up a few stairs if needed. It’s perfect for a city like Amsterdam. Take it to Switzerland, and it’s not a proper bike for that landscape.

Another model, Milano, is more about speed and manoeuvrability.

And when we speak about speed what city comes to your mind? An Italian, of course. Milano is close to the mountains and the sea; it spreads wide and has a lot of uphills. When you sit on the Milano you lean forward, so you naturally have more power in your feet to push your pedals. Its’ carbon fork, straight handlebar, and the whole geometry make it highly responsive and fast.

Brussels is in the middle of Amsterdam and Milano, not only geographically, but in terms of the model features.

Brussels bike is the combination of manoeuvrability of Milano and stability of Amsterdam. Its’ geometry is exactly for Brussels city, which is mostly flat but hilly. Brussels provides a slight forward sitting position with the handlebar slightly curved, so you can still pull on your arms when you pedal. Thus it is easier to ride uphill and to feel comfortable and balanced when you are on the narrow street.

“As a proud owner of the company, – shares Pierre Detry, CEO of BZEN bikes, – I have the luxury to have all models of BZEN in my garage. If I go to the post office, which is one and a half km from my home, I take an Amsterdam. It’s so comfortable. But if I have to go to the city and it’s 20 km from here, I will take my Milano bike with a derailleur. Depending on what the landscape is where you are going to bike, and what kind of rider you are, you should choose your model”.

If you still have doubts about what kind of bike you need, you can book a test ride via one of our service partners or ambassadors on our website; when you order your bike you have 30 days free return in case you wish to exchange the model.