Warranty & Guarantee

When you buy a BZEN, you can be relaxed. Your bike is covered by an extended manufacturer guarantee that is longer than the legally required warranty. It is important that you can always rely on your bike and enjoy it in good conditions. This is why, BZEN offers 5 years guarantee on the frames and forks.

Every new BZEN bike has a statutory warranty for 2 years from the date of delivery. The warranty covers our frames and all original components against manufacturing and material defects.

In the case of the sale of a second-hand bike (e.g. a demo bike), the statutory warranty is limited to one year.

This statutory warranty is limited to the replacement of the defective frame or parts and is the sole remedy of the warranty.

The action shall be time-barred within one year from the day on which the purchaser discovered the lack of conformity, without this period expiring before the end of the two-year period provided for in § 1. However, claims under this warranty must be made within two months of the buyer’s discovery of the defect. They must be made directly on our website under support/warranty or by e-mail to support@bzenbikes.com. If you registered on the BZEN website, your name and e-mail address will serve as proof of purchase. If you did not register on our website, please provide a copy of your invoice.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, improper assembly or maintenance of the bicycle, or the installation of parts or accessories. The warranty does not apply to damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse or neglect. Modification of the frame or original components will void this warranty. BZEN SRL is not liable for incidental or consequential damages.

Labour costs related to parts changes are only covered by the warranty only where the choice of repairer has been approved by BZEN.

In addition to the statutory warranty, we voluntarily grant for 2023 models and onwards an extended guarantee of 5 years in total from the date of invoice for BZEN frames and BZEN forks, excluding bearings and shocks as well as damages to the paintwork/anodisation.

Without any limitation of the statutory warranty rights of the Customer, our voluntary guarantee is subject to the following additional conditions: The guarantee does not cover damages caused by inappropriate or unspecified use according to the fields of use for the particular product as described on our website and our user manual, as for example: Neglect of product; modifications to frame or fork (for example engravings or lacquering); crash; excessive load; jumps; mounting and alteration of additional components that were not expressly approved by us or replacement of our original components by components that do not have a similar quality.

Guarantee rights for the extended guarantee are limited to the aforementioned and any additional incurred costs (such as assembly, transport, etc.) and additional costs for assembly or material due to a model-change are not covered. Within the framework of our voluntary guarantee, the Customer shall bear these costs.

Our guarantee is valid and only for the original buyer of the product.

2 years


  • 2 years from the date on the invoice
  • Only for the components and the manufacturing defects that existed on delivery
  • Independant of the owner
  • In addition to the components, BZEN covers shipping and labour cost
guarantee plus

5 years


  • 5 years from the date on the invoice
  • Only for the components and the manufacturing defects that existed on delivery
  • Applicable on the frame and the fork exclusively
  • Restricted to the first owner
  • Shipping, labour and custom (if applicable) cost are paid for by the owner
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