The bike that inspires you to be eco-responsible

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Global warming, climate change, air pollution, depletion of natural resources and pervasive negligence towards nature. It is our nowadays reality, and not an upcoming future. If several years ago being eco-responsible was a question of good manners, now it’s a necessity.



We can not continue to shift the blame to corporations and government authorities waiting for them to deal with the consequences. In charge of every powerful organisation, there is a person. A person who either feels responsible for his actions or decides that ecology is somebody’s else business but not his. You are like him. It’s a delusion to think that nothing you do has a real impact. Every eco-responsible change you make in your daily routine makes a significant change on the scale of your lifetime. Even if you are not an entrepreneur of an ambitious startup or a corporate manager, your life choices have a dramatic effect on our planet.

We, at BZEN, consider ourselves responsible for the ecology and we believe in alternative means of transportation as one of the ways to solve ecological issues. It was our motivation to create a BZEN bike.

We have sustainable manufacturing; our bikes are built to last. When you buy a BZEN bike, you will use it for many years to come. Because of the quality of the bikes that are built with the best materials and components. And because you can repair it. All the components we use are from brands that are distributed throughout the countries where we are selling our bikes.

Our bikes are made in Europe. Not only we purchase mostly European components, we also favour operating and manufacturing suppliers who are situated as close as possible to our manufacturing location. This allows us to minimise logistics and reduce air pollution it causes.

We also believe that we support local businesses choosing local service partners. And help our clients to have the best experience with their bike in case of troubleshooting, as these partners are situated in proximity to our clients.

It’s a choice we make every day – to be or not to be responsible for nature. We believe that we made this choice for you a little bit easier, providing you with a comfortable eco-responsible means of transport, – BZEN bike.