The bike that gives you a forgotten feeling of zen

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At first sight, switching from a car to an e-bike can look like a tremendous and complicated turn. And frankly speaking, it’s not that easy to ditch the comfort of a closed vehicle taking you places without any effort from your part to an open e-bike requiring your energy to move.

But after you have your first ride on an e-bike, you will sense the forgotten feeling of flying over the road. It will bring the memories of when you were 10 or 11 years old, and your parents gave you your first true bike. You hop on it, you see your white sneakers peddling and the road that rolls like a tape of an old film under your feet. You hear the wind in your ears, and the sun caresses your neck, and you feel that you are so fast and powerful that you can fly.

Unforgettable feeling that we’ve totally lost being a very busy grown-up who doesn’t have time for these moments. It’s time and comfort that control the world. But haven’t you noticed that this race brings anxiety and stress, and comfort turned us into sluggish and depressed persons?

E-bike is a comfortable solution for returning this joy of flying that brings calmer thinking and safe feeling in the world in conditions of limited time. Because with an e-bike, you can cycle without sweat and fatigue. You can go to the office and back and do your usual errands. You don’t have to find special time for cycling in your busy day; cycling easily becomes a part of your everyday routine.

The only thing you have to do is make an effort of the first step – switch from a car to an e-bike. It’s the first step for transformation that is difficult to make. But when you do it, you see how the world reflects your actions, and you feel more and more power and support for change: more cycle paths are built in your town, more people begin to cycle, more different types of e-bikes appear on the market.

When we started BZEN, our goal was to make this transformation easy and simple for you, that’s why we developed a comfortable and light e-bike, ideal for the urban commute. It looks like your old first true bike and gives you the same pleasure of flying that has a name “zen” in a grown-up world.

If you are looking for a light and comfortable urban e-bike that you will ride every day with a feeling of zen, our model Amsterdam is your choice. It was designed particularly for women. And they highly value it, appreciating the lightweight (around 14 kg depending on your choice of accessories), the balance and safety that this model provides.

To know more about Amsterdam, please, visit the page with the detailed information on different configurations of the model. And pay attention to the new trendy colours that we launched in 2021 – super mat grey and glossy green. With these colours your bike will become not just a means of transportation but a fashion statement.

woman with a BZEN bike
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