Super light, comfortable and stylish e-bikes – feel good, feel (B)ZEN

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Super light, comfortable and stylish e-bikes – feel good, feel (B)ZEN

BZEN e-bikes have been developed for comfort seekers. Especially the comfort of getting around town with a super lightweight, yet extremely efficient mean of transportation like an electric bike. Learn how BZEN e-bikes can provide you with comfort in your daily commute. Feel good, feel (B)ZEN on your e-bike.

Super light e-bike – easier to ride, more comfortable

City bikes, including electric bikes, can weigh quite a bit, which may not be comfortable for a daily ride. This is especially a problem for those who do not consider a ride through the city as a kind of struggle, but want to enjoy the full freedom of a light, non-strenuous and pleasant ride. The weight of an e-bike, of course, has a direct impact on its comfort: the higher the weight, the less comfortable it is. The modern woman is looking for a bike that is both stylish and lightweight which she can ride with ease.

Therefore, BZEN pays particular attention to the weight of the e-bikes. BZEN has a great advantage over conventional e-bikes, whose weight can be up to 28 kilograms. In contrast, BZEN e-bikes weigh between 15 and 17 kilograms, which means that they can be almost twice as light as conventional e-bikes. The lightest of the proposed BZEN e-bikes, the Milano model, weighs only 14.5 kilograms.
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Upright sitting position on the e-bike: good for your look and your spine

Not everyone pays attention to the correct posture when cycling. However, an upright sitting position is very important not only for health reasons. It is also a matter of look and overall appearance. Woman in nice upright posture on a bike looks graceful and self-confident. BZEN e-bikes are designed specifically so that every woman can feel attractive on her daily rides through the city – no matter how she is dressed, where she is going or how fast she wants to get there.

When you get around on a BZEN e-bike, you have the full comfort of riding. Not only you feel good, but you also have the freedom to look around in all directions and soak up the city around you. And it’s all in the fresh air, not behind a car window or on a crowded bus. Additionally, a perfect upright position on a bicycle offers many benefits for maintaining a healthy body as well as riding comfort. One such benefit is the lack of pain in the hands, which is often experienced by riders of regular bicycles. Feeling good while cycling with an e-bike keeps you in a perfect mood.

Stylish e-bike: to make you feel beautiful while commuting in the city

City bikes should not only be comfortable to ride, but also have a beautiful design. BZEN e-bikes are characterized by a stylish look that makes them not only a mean of transportation, but also a kind of visual identity that testifies to your sense of aesthetics. The simple, attractive silhouette combined with the classic look of the bike is an important part of the BZEN philosophy: ride comfortably and look amazing doing it.

The design of BZEN e-bikes offers both riding comfort and a beautiful silhouette. The best example of this is the BZEN e-bike model Amsterdam, which combines the timeless design of a traditional bike with modern solutions and a super low weight of 16 kilograms. It’s not by chance that we named it after the city, which is known for its developed cycling culture. The BZEN Amsterdam e-bike was built for modern women. The Amsterdam is a comfortable and stylish mean of transport for daily trips in the city. The integrated battery makes it easy yet swift to ride on city streets and roads.

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No stress: e-bikes bring emotional comfort

Any driver who has ever driven in the city knows that it can be stressful. Especially when you’re short on time and stuck in traffic or have to search in vain for a free parking spot. Driving in an urban environment also means constant interaction with equally stressed drivers, which has a direct and often negative impact on driving culture. Taking public transportation can also be very stressful, especially on crowded buses.

The e-bike gives you complete freedom and independence – especially from all the hassles of being behind the wheel or using public transportation. You ride when, how and in the direction you want. The entire ride, every aspect of it, is completely in your hands. BZEN e-bikes are a philosophy of life, where freedom of choice and freedom of movement are very important. Here, everything is up to you.
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BZEN E-Bike for your health

BZEN e-bikes signify that you put a lot of emphasis on your health. In addition to the upright position on the bike, the use of e-bikes mean being in the fresh air, which is directly related to a good supply of oxygen to the body. It also means being constantly on the move – limited, not strenuous, but still moving. Although BZEN e-bikes are motor-assisted, they are still bicycles that require pedaling and proper body balance to stay steady.

Remember that the positive effects of cycling on the body and health also have a direct impact on well-being, which is especially important when riding in the city. With the creation of BZEN e-bikes, we want to make sure that you feel good on every city trip, no matter how long it is. That’s why we put so much emphasis on the health aspect in our philosophy. And that’s why BZEN e-bikes are the best e-bikes for women.

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