Lease your BZEN e-bike as a company bike via

and save up to 40% compared to a regular purchase!

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Your company bike at a special price! Tax incentives make the bike more affordable for you. Through deferred compensation, you pay 36 small monthly installments, which are deducted from your gross monthly salary.

The relative savings compared to a direct purchase is up to 40%! But the added value of a company bike is even greater than the cost advantage.

You strengthen your health and fitness, protect the environment and the climate. You can use your bike every day – explicitly also privately and on weekends. The insurance packages provide you with the best possible protection.

You can use the expert leasing calculator to quickly and clearly calculate how high the monthly leasing rate is and what savings employers and employees benefit from: Bike Leasing Calculator |

How does it work?

You have decided to lease a BZEN bike via
Then choose your BZEN bike in our e-shop and select “Leasing:” as payment method: To the E-Shop

Then it continue as follows:

Your employer is already registered with

Offer: You will receive a binding offer via your mein-dienstrad portal.
Create an account: If not yet the case, create a user account in the mein-dienstrad portal. To do this, ask your company bike representative or the Customer Service for your partner code.
Approval & Email: Your request will now be reviewed. Once it is approved and your BZEN is available, you will receive a confirmation email.
Delivery & Go: Once your BZEN arrives, all you have to do is confirm the delivery and you’re ready to get on your bike.

Your employer is not yet registered at

Then talk to your employer about your wish to lease an e-bike. Unlike a company car, all employees can benefit from a company bike. If you don’t have direct contact with your “boss,” it’s best to contact your HR department. Feel free to recommend us. Or send an e-mail with a link from to your employer. Then they can see for themselves all the advantages of leasing a company bike.
As soon as your employer has signed a framework contract with, you can order your BZEN dream bike.
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200€ discount
for every BZEN e-bike order.
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Offer valid till 15.06.2024