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Lease your BZEN e-bike through your employer with Cycle Valley and enjoy interesting tax benefits!

If, as an employee, you are prepared to invest in your personal bike by means of a monthly (gross) contribution via your salary, this can be up to 60% cheaper in net terms!

How is that possible? Simple. Through a cafeteria plan, gross pay swap or end-of-year bonus, employees can benefit from a very favourable tax framework. This is how Cycle Valley creates the desire to cycle carefree to work!

Their service includes de-risking with insurance, roadside assistance, maintenance budget and digital follow-up.

How does it work?

You’ve decided to lease a BZEN bike via Cycle Valley?
Then contact us at or drop by our BZEN E-Bike Shop
(Leopoldstratt 55, 2000 Antwerp, TUE-SAT 11:00 am – 6:30pm) to tell us all about the BZEN bike of your choice.

IMPORTANT: Currently Cycle Valley leasing is only possible upon delivery and pick-up of the desired BZEN bike in our BZEN E-Bike Shop in Antwerp.

The process then continues as follows:

Your employer is client at Cycle Valley

Offer: You will receive via e-mail an offer for the desired BZEN bike including accessories.

Create an account: If you are not already registered, create your account via login – Cycle Valley. To do this, request your company login code from your employer.

Upload offer: Upload the information from your BZEN offer into your Cycle Valley account.

Approval & Email: Your request is now being reviewed. After the parties have reached an agreement, Cycle Valley will share the purchase order with us and you will receive a confirmation email as soon as your bike is prepared for shipment.

Delivery & pick-up : When your BZEN bike arrives at our Brand Shop, you will be notified to pick it up. When you pick up your bike, all you have to do is confirm receipt and you are ready to ride on.

Your employer is not yet an Cycle Valley client?

So you will first have to convince your employer to become a Cycle Valley client. Don’t hesitate to contact the Cycle Valley team for this at They will be happy to help you convince your employer of the many benefits Cycle Valley has to offer.

You can find more information at, at or just contact us at

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200€ discount
for every BZEN e-bike order.
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