Lease your BZEN e-bike as a company bike via BusinessBike !

Save up to 40% compared to a regular purchase.

Company bike leasing made easy with BusinessBike.

Any bike or e-bike can be a BusinessBike and with company bike leasing you are doing something good for the environment!

BusinessBike makes bike leasing as easy as riding a bike.

Bike leasing is an attractive way for you as an employee to get your dream bike without having to pay the costs all at once – and save up to 40% compared to buying. With leasing via salary conversion, the costs for a bike or e-bike, including insurance, are conveniently paid as monthly leasing installments, which are borne entirely by the employer as a salary bonus.

You can also calculate your leasing costs quickly and easily with the BusinessBike leasing calculator: BusinessBike company bike & e-bike leasing calculator

By the way: Self-employed people can also lease via BusinessBike and receive a quote from us. You can find more information about leasing for self-employed via BusinessBike here: Bike leasing for the self-employed

How does it work?

Have you decided to lease a BZEN bike via BusinessBike?
Then choose the BZEN bike of your choice with the matching, leasable accessories in our e-shop and select “Leasing: BusinessBike
as payment method: To the E-Shop

Then it continue as follows:

Your employer is already registered with BusinessBike

Offer: You will receive a binding offer via your BusinessBike portal. The offer is valid for a limited period and can be canceled at any time.
Create an account: If not already the case, create a user account in the BusinessBike portal.

Approval & Email: Your application will now be checked. As soon as it is approved and your BZEN is available, you will receive an e-mail. There are two ways to confirm the offer:
With Quickstart: Your employer can provide you with a Quickstart. This means that you, as an employee, are given a one-off authorization to confirm offers in the portal yourself within the framework defined by your company.
With employer ID: You have received an employer ID to obtain the offer. The order will then be confirmed by your employer.

Delivery & Go: As soon as your BZEN has arrived, all you have to do is confirm the transfer in your portal and you can get on the saddle.

Your employer is not yet registered at BusinessBike?

Go to the office and suggest BusinessBike!

Use the following form to receive a prepared info mail with just one click, which you can forward directly to your superior or your company’s HR department: Recommend BusinessBike to your employer now
This contains all the important details, the benefits and further information.

As soon as your employer has completed the registration process, leasing can begin for all employees.

You can find more information at, at the BusinessBike Helpdesk, or simply contact us at