Ready to ride, delivered in one piece – BZEN electric bike designed for your comfort

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Ready to ride, delivered in one piece – BZEN electric bike designed for your comfort

Online bike shops are very convenient – with just a few clicks you can ride the bike of your dreams. But before that happens, you usually have to assemble the bike yourself, often with the right tools. Imagine that there is an e-shop that offers an electric bike ready to ride – and that’s exactly what we are. At BZEN, you order the bike, get the package, and you’re ready to hit the road for a city tour almost immediately. How does it look? Check it out!

Focusing on the user experience, BZEN has developed solutions that make the whole process of buying a bike online a pleasure. The biggest concern when you buy a bike online is not knowing if you’ll get exactly what you ordered, and the fact that you can’t check the before you decide to buy it. And then there’s the worry of whether you’ll manage to assemble the bike when you finally receive it. And that’s where the philosophy of BZEN brand comes in, which stands for BE ZEN, meaning « be calm. » But how can you achieve that peace of mind? This is where we come in to help.

BZEN E-Bike – order without any concern

The BZEN online shop offers several e-bike models that you can configure individually. This way you can adjust the bike to your size, weight, riding style and other needs. In addition, before you buy, you can book a test ride at one of the BZEN ambassadors or at one of the official service partners. It is important to mention that you have the possibility to take the bike for a whole day, for example to test it on the way to work.

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Moreover, you can test the bike as soon as you receive your order. BZEN allows you to test the bike and return it if it does not meet expectations. Every customer has the right to a 30-day trial period and a full refund if the bike does not meet expectations (days are calculated from the date the bike invoice is issued).

Check twice before you order your electric bike

BZEN electric bikes are designed for comfortable city rides, but that might in fact mean something different for each of us. Before you decide on a particular bike model, look at the specifications and configuration options. Pay attention to aspects such as the height of the frame, the battery type, accessories that facilitate daily use, or even the color. For example, the Amsterdam model is available in red, beige, bottle green, chameleon blue, black and white; with Shimano alivio 9-speed gears + chain or Gates Carbon belt drive.

BZEN offers a wide range of configuration options that allows everyone to customize their bike. In the BZEN bike online shop you can find precise specifications and configuration options and personalize your bike when you order it. Remember that if the bike doesn’t meet your requirements, you can return it and get a cash refund.
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E-bike delivered in one piece – is that even possible?

BZEN electric bikes are designed to provide maximum comfort from the moment of making a choice, through ordering and delivery, to the moment of putting the bike into use. Furthermore, the bikes are lightweight, comfortable and stylish, and any repairs can be done at every bike service. This makes BZEN the best bikes not only for women, but for everyone who value autonomy, modern solutions and the joy of riding.

BZEN pays great attention to comfort, so the e-bike that is delivered is almost ready to ride. Let’s start with the packaging. The packaging of the bike is ergonomic and easy to transport, even if you have to carry it to a higher floor. You take the bike out almost in one piece – only the pedals are separate and need to be mounted. Also, the handlebar is secured on the bike, which is important for safety during transport and increases the ergonomics of the package. Everything is properly marked with stickers, and you do not need to be an expert in assembling the bikes, which is very convenient for everyone.

Preparation for the first ride – you can do it yourself

Assembling BZEN bike is just a matter of attaching the pedals, tightening and adjusting the handlebar and charging the battery. You don’t even have to attach the wheels, as is the case when ordering e-bikes from other bike stores. The instructions are clear and intuitive, and the list of tools to use is very short. Thus, even an unexperienced person can successfully assemble the bike.

How do I attach the pedals and tighten the handlebar on the BZEN e-bike?

The mounting of the pedals and handlebar can be done even by a beginner. First remove all the protective material from the bike. Then proceed with the assembly of the bike.

The BZEN pedals are marked with green and red. Simply screw them in by hand according to the instructions on the sticker and then tighten them with the supplied tool.

To fix the handlebar, untighten the two side bolts of the stem, turn the handlebar, straighten it and tighten the side bolts firmly with the tool provided. The upper mounting screw must not be adjusted. The Amsterdam model is a bit different – here you need to untighten four bolts, align the handlebar and tighten the bolts again firmly and evenly. Then make sure that there is equal space at the top and bottom of the stem stem.

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Should I charge the e-bike before the first ride?

The e-bike comes with a standard 7 Ah battery, which allows you to ride up to 75 km on a single charge. In the BZEN online shop you can also order 10 Ah battery for distances up to 110 km. Both battery types are manufactured with the latest available technology and feature the latest generation of cells. No matter which variant you choose, the battery should be charged before the first ride.

The battery is integrated into the lower frame tube and is not removed for charging. BZEN
e-bikes are charged via a connector in the lower seat tube – the charger is included. Since the BZEN e-bikes are very light (14.5 to 16.5 kg), you can easily connect them to a power outlet (220/230 V AC).

When the bike is delivered from the BZEN store, the battery is about 50% charged and requires only 1 to 1.5 hours of charging time (for 7 Ah). When the battery is fully discharged, it usually takes about 3 hours to recharge. The charger automatically stops charging when the battery is full. So there is no risk of overcharging the battery if you forget to turn off the charger.

Explore the city with your new e-bike

BZEN bicycles are not only about mobility, but also about safe and secure purchase and, above all, pleasant riding experience. Ordering a bike through the online store is very simple and the BZEN bike itself will be with you within 1-2 weeks. All you need then is a simple and quick assembly and you can enjoy the ride.

BZEN electric bikes are designed, engineered and manufactured in Europe. A BZEN bike will take you anywhere – to work, on a trip, out shopping, without getting tired, sweaty, stuck in traffic or worrying about gas prices. Enjoy your easy ride, enjoy your ZEN.

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