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Electric bicycles enable you to get from « A to B » quickly. However, there is a popular belief that they are heavy and bulky, making it difficult to manoeuvre and keep your balance while riding. This is not true! In fact, we offer very light e-bikes that are really fun to ride. The low weight of an e-bike is a result of the aluminium bike frame and the fact that the battery is not a separate component, but is integrated into the frame. Learn more!



Lightweight electric bike – is that possible?

Electric bicycles are heavier than normal bicycles because they are equipped with a battery and a motor. They can weigh up to 30kg, of which the weight of the battery and drive system is about 4-5kg. This is where our BZEN e-bikes stand out. They are designed for women to ensure a comfortable and safe ride, but many men will also appreciate the light weight and easy manoeuvrability of our BZEN bikes.

BZEN bikes have different weights depending on the model. The lightest e-bike in the range is the Milano, which weighs only 14.5 kg. The e-bikes Amsterdam and London have a weight of 16 kg. The Brussels e-bike is only slightly heavier at 16.5 kg. BZEN E-bikes are surprisingly light considering that they are electric bikes. This is thanks to the modern solutions. We have designed and selected the frame and the other components very precisely to reduce the weight of the bike as much as possible. Moreover, they are made of super-light aluminium of the highest quality. The battery, on the other hand, is integrated into the frame. This makes the weight of the BZEN e-bike comparable to that of conventional bicycles, which weigh 10-18 kg on average.

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So it’s time to debunk the myth of heavy e-bikes! The BZEN is a lightweight e-bike, thought out in every detail, designed for complete riding pleasure without excessive fatigue.



The placement of the battery in the e-bike – why is it so important?

The placement of the battery in an e-bike is important for riding comfort, safety during manoeuvres, maintaining balance or when the bike needs to be moved. As already mentioned, on the BZEN e-bike the battery is integrated in the lower frame tube. However, on some other e-bikes, it can be fixed in different places. There are bikes where the battery is not only attached to the frame in the down tube, but also in the seat tube. Some manufacturers install the battery on the rear carrier or under the seat post.

The position of the battery on e-bikes has a significant impact on the ability to maintain balance while riding. It is therefore important to know that a battery installed at the rear or front has a negative influence on the centre of gravity of the bicycle and makes the e-bike unstable. For this reason, BZEN bikes have the battery integrated into the lower frame tube. In order to distribute the weight optimally and improve the balance, our designers have also mounted the motor in the rear wheel hub. This makes our lightweight BZEN e-bikes perfectly balanced and thus ideal for riding safely through the city.

The sophisticated design of the BZEN e-bikes makes riding a pleasure, even in challenging terrain like the city. Our lightweight BZEN e-bikes are easy to ride. Manoeuvring, i.e. turning, twisting or going around obstacles, is no problem. The high stability of the BZEN bikes makes getting on and off extremely comfortable. If necessary, the e-bike can be easily steered without the risk of falling over.

The agile, lightweight BZEN city bike is perfect for crowded, narrow city streets. It allows an enjoyable, but most importantly, safe ride. It allows you to keep your balance even at low speeds.

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The advantages of a lightweight e-bike

The light weight of the BZEN e-bike not only makes it easy and safe to ride in an urban environment, but also has many other advantages. Don’t forget that it is a challenge to get around by bike in a crowded city and that a heavy bike becomes a problem in various situations.

Our lightweight BZEN e-bike is easy to carry up the stairs, for example when going to the basement or flat. It is also very easy to put it upright, which makes using the lift much easier. BZEN e-bikes were developed for the city and perform perfectly in this environment.



The lightest e-bike for women? Choose BZEN!

When developing our e-bikes, BZEN designers primarily considered the needs of women and created a very light electric bike for the city. Riding comfort is our trademark.

With the BZEN e-bike, you can move freely and without much effort in the city, i.e. without breaking a sweat. It is not just a bike for recreational excursions. Every woman – even in an elegant outfit – can ride it to work trouble-free. A dress or high heels are no problem. The e-bike allows an upright position and features pedals with a non-slip surface. It can also be equipped with a child seat so that every mother can ride her child to school or kindergarten without having to sweat on the way.

BZEN electric bikes also impress with their timeless design. A somewhat classic look is combined with state-of-the-art technology and attention to environmental aspects. This is the best e-bike for women on the market and meets the expectations of even the most demanding ladies.



Lightweight city bike for women – why is an electric bike better than a traditional bike?

The choice between a traditional city bike and a modern e-bike is clear. Our BZEN bikes are hard to beat, both in relation to models from other manufacturers and to standard bicycles.

BZEN e-bikes are almost as light as conventional bikes. However, thanks to the electric support, riding is much more comfortable and less tiring. You also don’t have to worry about the right clothing for the bike or the problem of sweating. With an e-bike you can discover the true joy of riding.

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In summary, the weight and other benefits of e-bikes make them a far more advantageous option for women who want to get around town on a bike.

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