BZEN E-Bikes – perfect E-bikes for women

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BZEN E-Bikes – perfect E-bikes for women

Women have special requirements for a city bike. Such a bike must be light, comfortable, functional, stylish and also fun to ride. The lightweight e-bikes from BZEN have all these qualities.

The BZEN City e-bikes are designed for women who are looking for a practical mean of transport and who want to live in harmony with ecology and Zen. Because BZEN means BE ZEN – and that’s exactly how you will feel when you use one of our e-bikes.

BZEN City E-Bike – perfect bike for women for easy rides in the city

With an electric bike, you can literally ride anywhere – no matter if the road is bumpy, if it’s uphill or if you’re on a standard cycle path. The BZEN e-bike is perfect as a mean of transport for the way to work, to pick up your child from kindergarten, to go shopping or even for trips in the city with a toddler, as you have the option of fitting a child seat.

BZEN e-bikes are ideal for city riding for several reasons. First of all, you keep an upright or slightly leaning position while riding, so you don’t strain your spine. Moreover, you can ride our city bike wearing a dress.

Another advantage is that there are no sticking out elements and the bike itself is well fixed, so you don’t have to worry about your bag or trouser leg getting caught. The pedals have a non-slip surface, so you can put on any shoe and always have a firm grip on the pedals.

A powerful electric support of drive train system with a speed of up to 25 km/h allows you to commute safely without breaking in sweat, while providing maximum comfort. With the 7 Ah battery you can cover up to 75 km on a single charge, but you also have the option to buy the more powerful 10 Ah battery for distances up to 110 km. The Gates Carbon Drive belt drive train ensures quiet, light, clean and grease-free running (unlike a conventional bicycle chain).

On a BZEN e-bike, you don’t have to worry about anything – how you’re dressed, that you’ re going to be sweaty, tired or dirty. What remains is the pure joy of riding. The BZEN city bike is an economical, environmentally friendly and time-saving alternative to the car.


Lightweight e-bikes for women – why is the weight of an e-bike so important?

As a modern woman, you value independence and autonomy. You want to be able to handle challenging situations and emergencies yourself. Independence is very important in this respect and therefore, as a woman, you naturally want to have something, that won’t require asking others for help, i.e., when you need to carry your bike up a few stairs. This need is met by the lightweight BZEN bike for women. Why is the weight of the bike so important then?

Riding in the city presents some challenges, such as bumpy roads, steep driveways, having to carry the bike, or climbing a few stairs. The lighter the bike, the more maneuverable it is when riding (it’s more responsive and accelerates faster), climbs are more fun and carrying the bike is also less strenuous.

The weight of the bike does not only depend on its construction, but also on the bicycle equipment that is used. In BZEN, the weight of the e-bike is given together with the 7 Ah battery. The Milano model is the lightest at 14.5 kg, while the others weigh from 15 to 17 kg. In comparison, other city e-bikes on the market can weigh up to 28 kg! In practice, this makes a big difference and makes the BZEN the best (because light) electric bike for women.

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E-Bike Low Entry – easy step in for greater comfort

BZEN bike models have different step-in heights – low and high. Our Milano and London models with their straight top tube and higher entry give a sporty feel. This solution is designed for women who are looking for a stylish e-bike for sporty rides – the position is stable with a forward leaning position that allows you to ride quickly over any road or path in the city.

Bicycles with low step-in frame are designed for women who want to ride leisurely through the city. Here, the frame is lowered for easy entry (for example, the Amsterdam and Brussels models) and getting on and off is easy. You can ride in a skirt or dress, and it’s also easier to get off the bike, for example at a crosswalk or if you’re taking a child in a child seat and need to hand them something.

Why is an upright sitting position so important?

On a city bike, it is important to have a straight or almost straight riding position (the handlebar should be higher than the saddle and curved so that you have an upright riding position). This shifts the cyclist’s weight to the back of the bike rather than to the arms or upper body. This is important mainly for health reasons – this way the spine is not strained, also the risk of knee injuries is lower and the arms do not hurt.

An upright sitting position on the bike is also important to keep your balance. Moreover, sitting in the straight position on a bike, allows you to wear a dress and look amazing while cycling. All this makes riding a city bike for women less strenuous for the body, more comfortable and simply more enjoyable.

BZEN stylish e-bikes – feel beautiful on your bike

BZEN bikes are the perfect combination of traditional design and the latest technology. But not only the design and appearance of a BZEN city bike are important, but also how you look on it. If you sit upright, with your back and shoulders straight, you’ll look stylish too. Being able to wear whatever you want on the bike also makes you look stylish. The experience of riding a comfortable BZEN e-bike gives you a sense of freedom and happiness

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Thanks to the fact that the electric motor does all the work for you, you won’t get tired and you’ll get everywhere effortlessly. We can easily say that during a city ride on a BZEN bike you won’t be riding, but rather smoothly gliding through the city streets and looking good at the same time.

Have you already found the best e-bike for you?

BZEN bikes are designed, engineered and manufactured for women in Europe. The idea behind the brand is to make riding in the city easy, effortless and enjoyable – without worrying about traffic jams, parking, pollution, fuel prices or even feeling tired and sweaty.

Behind the brand is a group of friends and engineers who have developed super-light electric city bikes with minimalist aesthetics and the latest technology. What’s important is that BZEN e-bikes are handmade and delivered in one piece – assembly is quite simple and you get a bike ready to ride.

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BZEN bikes are super light, comfortable, stylish and built to last. You won‘t need any help with assembly, maintenance or repair (at BZEN we use the highest quality bike parts from well-known brands, so repairs can be done at any bike store). When you choose a BZEN e-bike for women, you’ll enjoy a pleasant ride and won’t have to worry about anything because you’ll know you can always rely on your BZEN.

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