Amsterdam E-Bike – timeless design, modern technology

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Amsterdam E-Bike – timeless design, modern technology

The Amsterdam electric bike is BZEN flagship product. This e-bike is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to get around the city on a light, comfortable and stylish electric bike. The Amsterdam e-bike combines a timeless design with modern technology. It is designed to suit modern and stylish women in particular. Find out why.

Stylish electric bike with timeless design – that’s the Amsterdam e-bike

The Amsterdam BZEN e-bike is particularly impressive because of its stylish design. At first glance, you might think it is a city bike in classic style. The eye-catcher is the minimalist frame, which is free of annoying stickers. The low step-in makes it easy to get on and off, even with elegant clothes or dresses. It is also worth mentioning that the frame is made of aluminium, which makes the Amsterdam surprisingly light for an electric bicycle.

A special feature of the Amsterdam bike is the curved handlebar (also made of aluminium), which ensures an upright sitting position. Thanks to this position and the shape of the handlebar, you have a broad view when you cruise throught the city. You can quickly notice any potential obstacles and react in time. You are also able to admire the architecture of the city. The comfortable retro saddle with coil springs made of eco leather is also remarkable.

Another thing to mention is that BZEN e-bike has large 28″ wheels with Continental Ride City Reflex tyres with anti-puncture. SKS mudguards in black, on the other hand, protect clothing from splashing water. The luggage rack with integrated light and the bicycle bell also match in style and colour. The modern Amsterdam electric bike has pedals with a non-slip surface. This means you can ride the e-bike in practically any shoes, not just sports shoes. The internal cable routing and the lack of sticking out parts ensure that you don’t damage your clothes. The BZEN e-bike is ideal for the way to work and for the daily ride through the city.

The Amsterdam e-bike for women is recalling the classic bicycles we know from our childhood and youth. The BZEN bike therefore stirs the emotions of many women. But a timeless, elegant look is not everything! The stylish e-bike also guarantees a comfortable ride. The Amsterdam bike combines tradition with modern technology.

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Electric bike Amsterdam – to make you feel special

BZEN designers have created the Amsterdam model primarily for women. This modern electric bike guarantees maximum comfort in every respect. It is a real pleasure to ride it through the city.

The first thing to mention is the impressively low weight of the BZEN e-bike. The Amsterdam weighs only 16 kg, which is comparable to the weight of a normal bicycle. This is because many components are made of aluminium and the battery is integrated into the lower frame. This means that the lightweight e-bike is no problem for women even if it has to be carried up or down the stairs for example.

The battery in the lower frame (not in the back or front, which negatively affects the balance point) and the motor in the rear hub also make the Amsterdam electric bike extremely stable and easy to manoeuvre. Keeping your balance while riding is not only important for comfort when riding in a busy city, but also for safety.

When riding the comfortable Amsterdam e-bike, the rider maintains an upright sitting position that is beneficial to the spine and reduces pressure on the wrists. This makes riding through the city less strenuous. The safety features are also remarkable – high-quality Shimano disc brakes and phenomenal lighting. The LED lights are powerful enough to perfectly illuminate the road even in complete darkness. The elegant BZEN e-bike is the perfect choice for city riding, both by day and by night.

Modern Technology in modern e-bike

The lightweight Amsterdam e-bike stands not only for stylish design and high riding comfort, but also for modern technology. Thanks to innovative solutions, you can cover longer and more difficult routes effortlessly.

The main elements of the Amsterdam electric bike’s power system are:

  • 36V battery (7Ah or 10Ah) integrated into the lower frame,
  • a 250W (45Nm) Bafang rear hub motor,
  • a torque sensor built into the bottom bracket, which allows very precise control of the pedalling force and instant adjustment of the motor support

The entire power system is controlled via an intuitive control panel on the handlebar. The pedal assistance can be adjusted in five levels, which you can select according to your individual preferences or terrain conditions. The electric assist supports you up to the speed of 25 km/h, so you can ride quickly and efficiently through the city. It is not only an excellent alternative to a normal bicycle, but also to a car.

The battery is also important to mention. The Amsterdam model is equipped with a 7Ah battery as standard. Its range is up to 75 km, depending on the terrain and pedalling assistance. It is also possible to install a 10Ah battery to cover a distance of up to 110 km. The charging time for the 7Ah battery is 3 hours, while it takes 4 hours to charge the 10Ah version.

Amsterdam e-bike – the best bike for urban commuting

The modern Amsterdam e-bike is the perfect electric bike for women. The motor support makes the ride easy and fun. So you stay feeling fresh (without sweating) when you reach your destination. No need to change into sportswear. You can ride the BZEN bike in a dress or high heels without any problems. The light weight is also a big advantage.

What we should also note is that the BZEN electric bicycle is of the highest quality and reliability. It is made in Europe with solid and durable components from top brands. Thanks to this, BZEN E-bikes can be repaired in any bicycle store if necessary.

The Amsterdam e-bike is a great choice for women who want to get around town easily and effortlessly every day while enjoying the pleasure of riding a bike. This e-bike is simply impressive.

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