Highly responsive, focussing on the essence.

Medium | Biker: 165-180cm
Large | Biker: 175-195 cm
Gates Carbon Belt Drive
10Ah/360Wh | 50% extra power
Grand total





5 years


30 days

free return

included in your setup


The Milano e-bike is a sporty electric bike with a carbon fork, a straight handlebar, and a geometry that makes it highly responsive. The ride on the Milano BZEN bike feels firm with a forward-leaning position.
Pedals with
Battery in the downtube.
Removable for servicing.​
Powerful front light with side view.
Perfect visibility and safety​
lightSKIN LED seatpost
Rear light.
Gates Carbon Belt Drive
Hydraulic disc
tires with
reflective ring​
Intuitive LCD
Control panel on a handlebar​



Only 14.5 kg weight

The Milano electric bike is the lightest-weight e-bike of the BZEN bikes. With its weight of 14.5 kg, you can ride fast on any street or path in the city and you can take it anywhere.

The frame geometry, low weight, carbon fork, straight handlebar, and saddle with gel inside make the Milano e-bike an ideal bike for sporty rides as well as everyday city commuting.

Highly responsive, focussing on the essence.

The Milano e-bike is the only BZEN bike model, which is available only with the Gates Carbon Belt Drive. This makes the bike quiet, grease-free, and super lean. The lightweight electric bike with a carbon fork makes you ride fast and easy through the city streets and paths. A straight handlebar ensures a forward-leaning position.

Are you a fan of sporty rides but also need the best electric bike for city commuting?

The Milano e-bike is made for you. Meet the lightest electric bike of the BZEN bikes. With the light weight of the e-bike and battery integrated into the frame, you can ride fast but also feel firm and keep proper balance, even in a forward-leaning position. The Milano BZEN electric bike is dedicated both for men and women. It is built to last so you can enjoy sporty city rides on your e-bike for a long time.


city focuses on bikes

Milano focuses on developing infrastructure for bikers and e-bikers. The idea is to make bicycle transport the most convenient means of transport for city dwellers. Focusing on the well-being of bike and electric bike users makes riding a two-wheeler more and more safe and comfortable in Milano.