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Comfortable, modern electric city bike.

Small | Biker: 155-175 cm
Medium | Biker: 170-190 cm
Shimano Alivio 9-gears + chain
10Ah/360Wh (+€199.00)
Grand total





5 years


30 days

free return

included in your setup


The Brussels electric bike is a modern and comfortable e-bike dedicated to daily city commuting for both short and tall bikers – two bike sizes (small, medium) cover the range of 155-190 cm tall. Versatile, with a relaxed geometry and a curved handlebar, the Brussels BZEN e-bike provides a slight forward sitting position.
Pedals with
Eco leather saddle​
Battery in the downtube.
Removable for servicing.​
Powerful front light with side view.
Perfect visibility and safety​
Rear light with side view​
Rear carrier with
easy basket fixing​
Shimano Alivio 9-gears
Hydraulic disc
tires with
reflective ring​
Intuitive LCD
Control panel on a handlebar​



Only 16.5 kg weight

Modern technology and the light weight of the e-bike make the Brussels electric bike perfect for your daily commuting. It weighs only 16.5 kg, so it is easy to ride and carry if necessary.

The battery in the frame, easy charging, low energy consumption, and comfortable geometry make the Brussels e-bike an ideal bike for everyday city commuting.

Ideal for city

The Brussels BZEN e-bike with its relaxed geometry is exactly for both flat and a little bit hilly environments – that is why it is the perfect choice for the city. You can ride through city paths uphill and with the load in a slightly forward sitting position feeling comfortable and without getting tired. Riding the Brussels e-bike brings back the joy of bike riding.

A simple, comfortable, and lightweight e-bike – meet the Brussels electric bike

Thanks to the light weight of the e-bike and the battery integrated into the frame you can ride ZEN and for long distances without getting tired, easily keeping proper balance while moving around the city – to work, school, for shopping, running errands, or for short leisure city trips.

This is the electric bike for women, men, and young bikers.

Brussels BZEN e-bike is built to last. That is why it is perfect for daily city commuting.

The city of Brussels supports bikers

Brussels supports ecological solutions when it comes to urban transport. It is an example of a city that from a place overcrowded with car traffic has turned into a city friendly to bicycles and e-bikes. Thanks to the infrastructure dedicated to bikes and electric bikes and accompanying social campaigns the number of bikes and e-bikes commuters is constantly growing.