Corona: Why cycling is smart right now

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Cycling now of all times? What does cycling do for your health? What do I have to consider to protect myself from Covid-19?
The advantages of cycling are more obvious than ever. Regardless of whether we use the bike as a means of transportation on the way to work or seek physical balance outside with some fresh air and movement: cycling promotes health and protects against infections. We avoid lack of exercise and strengthen, among other things. the immune system and the lungs. We also escape the crowds while biking and automatically maintain the required safety distance of 1.5 meters in traffic. And please mind other restrictions in your country.

Avoid infection when cycling
According to the latest findings and information from the experts, the corona virus is predominantly transmitted via droplets. If you have to drive to work, you should avoid public transport and, if possible, get on a bike like our Amsterdam.

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Great freedom with small precautions
Pay attention to the distance of at least 1.5 meters from walkers and cyclists, especially on narrow bike paths, in public parks or nature trails – also at intersections and when spontaneously chatting along the way.

When stopping, you should ideally not get hold of traffic lights or other objects, as usual, but dismount. When you get home, wash your hands thoroughly. The following also applies when using gloves: Wash them in the washing machine before using them the next time.

Cycling strengthens the lungs
Bicycling can prevent diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, which, according to the Robert Koch Institute, favor a serious course of the disease when infected by Covid-19. When cycling, the lung muscles are also trained, the lungs are ventilated and blood flow is improved.

Cycling reduces stress
When we ride a bicycle we relax the mind and the soul, calm down, reduce stress. The body produces endorphins and serotonins, which in turn make you feel happy. This reduces anxiety and depression, which may have built up through lock-down and social distancing.

Cycling helps sleeping better at night
Physical activity and especially pedaling for only 30 minutes a day help you sleep faster and better.

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