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Many cities embrace e-bikes to help alleviate their transportation and reduce air pollution. As transportation is the fastest-growing source of global carbon dioxide emissions, cities are interested in supporting low-carbon mobility options, like e-bikes.

The UK, France and Germany will probably ban the selling of petrol and diesel cars beyond 2040. This is an expected tendency for any economy that doesn’t depend on oil revenue to survive. These countries will consider any possibility to force its citizens to go green, and e-bike is one of the easiest and fastest ways to do so.

In addition to zero emissions and preventing air pollution, e-bikes have a list of other benefits. They are safer for people, as they have a speed maximum of 25 km/h, the system cuts off the support over 25 km/h (EU law regulation). This can be explained in two words – speed kills. It’s inescapable physics. Excess speed is not just a huge danger for the rider of the bike, but much more likely, it can lead to a big crash, involving pedestrians and cars.

E-bikes are also quieter than cars. And with noise pollution in our cities, it’s also a remarkable benefit in favour of e-bikes.

E-bikes are lighter and cause less damage to the roads than other forms of transportation. And we all know how expensive and not eco friendly it is to repair the road.

Isn’t this list enough to switch to a proper manufactured e-bike? If not, here are some more facts in favour of BZEN bikes.

At BZEN, we have a policy of waste reduction. Like cars, e-bikes have a battery that must eventually be replaced. The batteries we use are long-lasting and do not need to be replaced for several years. They can and should be recycled. Our batteries are lithium-ion and do not contain lead. This is also an eco-friendly decision, as batteries that contain lead are dangerous to the environment.

Recently BZEN has developed a new generation battery with a capacity of 10Ah fitting inside the bike frame. It is made with the latest available technology of new cells identical to Tesla batteries and with high-performance BMS (battery management system) enhancing the riding comfort and as well as guaranteeing a longer lifespan (cell ref. 21700).

BZEN Bikes believes that nature is everyone’s business, and recently we became a part of a growing and collective businesses movement for nature, – BFN. Together with more than 600 companies, we are calling on governments to adopt policies now to reverse nature loss in this decade. Together we can make a change.

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